Cops Attempting to Notify Woman of Husband's Suicide Find Her Body in Freezer
Woman who revealed the names of two sex offence victims on social media is jailed
Dad shook three-month-old baby to death and hurled her onto couch because she wouldn't stop crying
Stabbed father-of-three, 42, called out for his family as he bled to death from seven knife wounds on millionaire's row 'after refusing to give money to youths'
Man Beats Dog With Baseball Bat After It Ate His Whopper, Arrested For Animal Cruelty
Police probe whether dad who kidnapped and strangled student was infamous 90s serial killer
Prisoner who was metres from freedom after 'digging 70m tunnel' from cell toilet 'suffocates to death'
'MUM MADE ME HUSTLE' Heartbreaking plea of girl, 7, 'sold to paedo ring by parents' as it's revealed cop threw away her bloodstained knickers
Texas man shoots dead ex-wife's three children, boyfriend, police say
Brave mum shoots dead gunman outside school after he tried to rob parents while she was waiting for her kids
Clara Harris, Who Mowed Down Cheating Husband, Released From Prison After 15 Years
'Sadistic' nuns 'tortured 65 children in their care by burning their hands and forcing their heads down toilet bowls'
'Every parent's worst nightmare': Teenage beautician died after taking cocktail of cocaine, ecstasy and laughing gas
Sex beast 'begged to rape eight-year-old Asifa Bano one last time before she was strangled and stoned to death by gang in Hindu temple'
Magician David Copperfield forced to reveal secrets behind illusion after Brit left with brain damage from fall

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