Israeli drones pour tear gas onto Palestinian protesters who used kites to fly petrol bombs over Gaza border
COMPUTER SAYS NO Bill Gates snubbed Donald Trump's White House job offer as 'not good use of my time'
Haunting pictures of Stalin's ghost railway built on the bones of 300,000 gulag inmates who died constructing it
President Trump announces U.S. missile strikes on Syria in retaliation for deadly chemical attack
Brazil's ex-President 'Lula' defies order to turn self in
Kim Jong Un's wife praised during China visit - before state blocks her name online
Donald Trump 'will meet Kim Jong Un by May' after North Korean invitation
North Korea is 'willing to give up nuclear weapons', Kim Jong-un tells South
Roy Moore Is Now Asking For Money On Facebook To Defend Himself
How many people have been killed in the Philippines' bloody drug war so far?
Turkey: 6 journalists sentenced to life in prison
At Pyeongchang Olympics, North Korean Guests Are Welcome and Restricted
World's largest non-nuclear 'bunker buster' bomb just got an upgrade by the US Air Force
Russian battleships are being modernised to be equipped with unstoppable hypersonic Zircon missiles
North Korea rips 'lunatic' Trump as US moves B-52 bombers to Guam

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