Couple climb bamboo tree to escape tiger
Indiana Ford Mustang driver survives getting stuck under tractor trailer
Don't Say Cannot: He may be blind, but he can text faster than you
Sheep enrolled at school in France as students to save classes
Preserving a loved one's tattoos after death
3-Eyed Snake Discovered in Australia
Huge shark gets up close and personal with fishermen
Emirati woman wakes up from coma after almost 30 years
Sri Lanka mourns as death toll from blasts rises to 310
Austrian fugitive hands himself in after getting fed up with living in the Canary Islands
2.7-metre-long King Cobra pulled from car's engine in China
Is That the Figure of Jesus Christ Amid Flames of Notre Dame
Dog is rescued after it's found swimming 136 miles from shore
Watch a mesmerizing meteor soar over Brazilian coast
Circus lion attacks trainer

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