California tortoise with cracked shell gets $4,000 repair
German Shepherd teases an 11-month-old baby boy as he chases the dog around the room on his hands and knees in an adorable game of chase
ZOO TRAGEDY Horrifying moment giraffe accidentally kills itself in a zoo after getting its neck stuck in a branch while trying to scratch an itch
"It's clear as day": Man captures 'knight on horseback' after flying new drone at 11th Century castle
Couple who won £45million lottery spend just £250,000 on a new home (but give their 'bestest' friend £1million)
Sausage dog helps find abandoned baby 6ft underground in storm drain
Man who ate world's hottest chilli pepper 'Carolina Reaper' rushed to hospital
Drunk wedding guest jumps out of window into CROCODILE POOL - as horrified revellers see his arm ripped off
Boy, 7, freed after getting stuck in National Trust stone monument for three hours
Multi-millionaire, 33, laid to rest in gold casket, €100,000 jewellery and Moet champagne
Uber driver takes the stairs, blames app's navigation
DNA Test Helps Woman Meet Her Dad After 34 Years and Then He Adopts Her
Man dies after reclining movie theater seat closes on his head
RUFF DIAMONDS 24-carat gold DOG jacket encrusted with diamonds on sale for £ 1 million
Cheeky monkey pulls down tourist's top exposing her boob on Thai holiday

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