Scientists just found Euro 150,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of diamonds in the ground
How old is 007? Here's the ages of each James Bond in their first and last appearances
Stick-on swimwear is summer´s hottest new trend as models storm Miami catwalk in Duct-tape bikinis
Huge New York power outage leaves more than 17,000 people without electricity
Day care owner gets probation for trying to kill toddler
Sylvester Stallone's daughters make a splash as they jump off giant yacht on French Riviera holiday
Woman, 23, trapped at bottom of 200ft cliff after crash survives for seven days by drinking water from Jeep's radiator
Horrifying moment bystanders take SELFIES with dying car crash victims who would have survived if they'd tried to help them
Dita Von Teese reveals secrets to being confident and looking sexy as she gushes over low-key romance she keeps out of limelight
'Time traveller from 2030' claims Tupac faked his own death to avoid revealing secrets of the Illuminati
World Cup 2018 final: France's celebrations marred as two fans die and cops fire tear gas and clash with supporters
BEACH PAIR FREED Couple released after girl of three was thrown to her death by exploding beach trampoline
Teen girl bangs her head and dies after being pushed by instructor from second floor balcony in Indian fire drill
Donald Trump security scare as Greenpeace protester paraglides over his head under noses of elite snipers
Michael Jackson 'chemically castrated' by father Joe, claims Dr Conrad Murray

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