At least two people are dead after two small planes collided over an airfield in Germany on Sunday.

The collision occurred above Schwäbisch Hall in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg.

Initial reports said the aircraft - a hobby aircraft and a microlight plane - were trying to land when they smashed into each other.

'They were on the approach, more I can't say yet,' a police spokesman said.

Apparently, the pilot of the single engined aircraft was blinded by bright sunlight on his approach and crashed into the microlight machine. The dead are both pilots.

The microlight erupted into a fireball that was extinguished on the ground by the fire brigade.

The crash site was less than four miles from the local airport and was sealed off by police. Federal aviation authority experts are probing the crash.

Posted Date : April 17, 2018
Ref : dailymail

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