Security researchers have unearthed 36 malicious Android apps parading as security tools on the Google Play Store that actually harvest user data, track their location and more. According to Trend Micro, these apps offered users a wide range of security capabilities including cleaning junk, saving battery, scanning, CPU cooling, locking apps, Wi-Fi security, message security and more.

Going by the names Security Defender, Guardian Antivirus, Smart Security, Security Keeper, Deep Cleaner, and Advanced Boost among others, the applications did actually perform these tasks. However, they also aggressively bombarded users with advertisements, secretly collected user data and even tracked user location.

Researchers said the apps, once launched, would not actually appear on the device launcher's list of applications nor would their shortcuts pop up on the phone's screen.

Trend Micro noted that the malware's "hide" function was explicitly designed not to run on specific devices including Google Nexus 6P, LGE LG-H525n, Xiaomi MI 4LTE and ZTE N958St.

It is possible the malware developers knew that this tactic would not work on these devices, or they wanted to avoid being checked by Google Play during inspection periods.

For other devices, these hidden apps would simply push alarming fake security notifications, warnings and pop-up windows to the user.

"For example, if the user installs another app, then it will immediately be reported as suspicious. Or the user will be sent notifications like '10.0 GB files are being wasted,' which will prompt some kind of action," the researchers wrote. "But the data shown in these messages are fake — they are just used to add a layer of legitimacy to the app."

The researchers noted that the developers behind the malware made an effort to make their false notifications believable and ward off the suspicions of users.

For example, if a user clicked on a button to "resolve" a fake security issue such as a detected "Fraud SMS Broadcast Vulnerability", an animation would then pop up to illustrate to the user that the problem has been "resolved".

Posted Date : January 10, 2018
Ref : ibtimes

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