Chilling CCTV shows a 10-year-old boy's final moments before he was lured to his death by a paedophile.

Alexander Georgievskiy is reported to have confessed to dismember ing Ruslan Korolev's body and scattering his remains around town.

The suspect was drinking in a railway station cafe when he saw his victim walking towards a platform.

Ruslan enjoyed 'train-hopping' according to local media and was waiting to jump onto the next train in the Russian town of Ortadnoe, near St Petersburg.

But Georgievskiy is alleged to have followed him and starting chatting to him, eventually luring him back to his flat with the promise of sweets.

The pair were caught on CCTV footage walking into a local shop, where Georgievskiy is claimed to have bought cakes and vodka.

He is then suspected of taking the boy back to his apartment where he attempted to rape him.

Police believe Georgievskiy flew into a rage when the boy refused and launched his attack.

Police spokeswoman Anastasia Gluschenko told local media: "After that [Georgievskiy] strangled and dismembered the boy.

"Then he hid the boy's body parts in different places around the local area and in St Petersburg."

Police initially treated the boy's disappearance as a missing persons case.

Posted Date : December 23, 2017
Ref : Mirror

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