Woman bled to death after giving birth at home with just YouTube videos for guidance

A young Indian woman has died after attempting a home birth by watching YouTube videos. The 28-year-old, identified only by the name Krithiga, had decided to stay with her husband for the birth at their home in the village of Rathnagiriswarar, near the town of Pudupalayam in Southern India's Tamil Nadu State. Police said that she died from complications that they were not equipped to deal with having only watched YouTube videos.

The woman's husband, who was present during the birth and was supposed to assist her, had no medical experience and worked in a clothing factory. The couple already had one child, a three-year-old girl, and as there were relatively few problems with their first child, had felt confident that YouTube was enough to allow them to deal with the second on their own. Police said the video that they had watched and been titled "How to help pregnant women" but it apparently did not tackle what to do when the placenta did not come out during the delivery.

As a result of the problem, which a trained medic would have been able to deal with, the young woman bled to death. A police spokesman confirmed: "The contractions began at 2pm but she was taken to the Government Hospital only later after the baby was born.

"The husband will be investigated in connection to the death." They added that the couple had apparently been influenced by other friends who believed in natural medicine. They had even gone as far as failing to register the fact that the woman who died, a schoolteacher, had even been pregnant.

Posted Date : July 28, 2018
Ref : Mirror

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