Paris Hilton is no longer trusting iCloud to store her private photos and files. The hotel heiress and television personality has revealed that she is no longer using Apple Inc.’s cloud storage and cloud computing service after her nude photos got leaked.

Hilton attended the sentencing of the person responsible for her leaked photos on Monday. During an ambush interview with TMZ, the “House of Wax” actress gave an advice to other celebs who are using the service to stash their personal photos. “Don’t trust the iCloud,” Hilton said while making her way to the courthouse.

After the hearing, Hilton was once again interviewed by the tabloid on her thoughts about the case and her scandal. The hacker, identified as Paystar Bkhchadzhyan, was sentenced to 57 months in  federal prison, and Hilton couldn’t be happier to know that justice has been served.

When Hilton was asked if she felt good about the sentencing, she responded, “I do feel good about the sentencing. She got what she deserved.” Hilton then shared that it was “traumatizing” to see the defendant face to face in the courtroom and that it was “terrifying to even look at her.”

“It made me sick to my stomach [seeing her] … Just everything that she put me through,” Hilton added. “But I was also happy that I got to see and let her know exactly what she did and how much it affected me. And I think she really understood and the judge made her really understand even more.”

Hilton was then once again asked about her trust issues with iCloud and if she has chosen to switch to another service. She responded by saying that she no longer uses Apple’s cloud. “I don’t use iCloud at all. I haven’t since this happened. I don’t trust it,” she said.

After the interview, Hilton took to Twitter to celebrate her victory over the hacker. She posted a photo showing off the attire she wore in court and she captioned it, “Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve…”

Bkchadzhyan did not just leak Hilton’s nudes. She also stole the credit card information of the socialite and used it to make a reservation at a 2015 New Year’s Eve party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Last December, she pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, according to Bloomberg.

Posted Date : May 9, 2018
Ref : IBT

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