The 27-year-old who plays Imogen Pascoe in the soap took the shots for Models of Diversity as she sets out to prove that having a disability doesn’t make anyone less beautiful.

Despite talented Melissa’s impressive TV career, she admits that being born without right hand and forearm made her “hate” her body after she was on the receiving end of a cruel remark.

She told The Mirror: “When I was 19 a girl said something to me that stuck with me for years: ‘YOU have a boyfriend? Really? Well how does he feel about having to have sex with you?’

“This feeling of ugliness and disgust resonated with me throughout my teens and early twenties.

“It resulted in me despising my body and loathing the way I looked every time I saw myself in the mirror or in photos.

“I saw everyone else around me as this perfectly cut, sparkly little gem. And then there was me this uncut, grey stone that got in the way.

“Hating my body because of my disability was draining.

“It took up so much energy and at 25, after years of despising the body I was given, I decided I had to change the way I felt about myself.”

Melissa went on to reveal that Charlize Theron’s one-armed character in Mad Max: Fury Road made her feel “empowered” and helped her to conquer her insecurities.

In January The Sun On Sunday told Melissa that she had been the target of a nude photo leak, and said she hit back saying hopes the pictures show people that disabled people “send photos, have sex lives and engage in intimate exchanges”.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Melissa said: “I am proud of my body. It is beautiful. And I am entitled to enjoy it and to have a personal and a romantic life just as all women - of all different body shapes and sizes - are entitled to do.

"If any good has come out of this, it is to show that women with all different types of body shapes and sizes send photos, have sex lives, engage in intimate exchanges in the same way as everybody else.

“My body is unique, beautiful, and representative of what is still a very under-represented demographic of people in our society today.

“So if this goes some way to dismantling discrimination, and showing that disabled bodies can be beautiful and even sexual, then that is a positive thing.”

Posted Date : May 3, 2018
Ref : The Sun

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