Two nuns have been arrested for allegedly torturing 65 children in their care.

Sor Ines Perez and Rosa Elvira Trochez Joaqui are accused of burning the children's hands and forcing their heads down toilet bowls.

The disturbing case is reported to have taken place at the the Santa Clara Rebirth Home in the city of Popayan, capital of the Colombian department of Cauca.

The authorities were alerted to possible torture in the care home by neighbours who had heard screams and crying from the children who lived there.

Investigators found that the youngsters suffered physical and psychological torture in the care home with neighbours describing it as hell for the children, according to local media.

The children reportedly had their hands burnt, were forced to put their heads down toilet bowls by the nuns and had their hair cut as a form of punishment.

Perez and Joaqui were both charged with the aggravated torture of the children under their care from 2014 to 2017 with both denying the charges.

Reports suggest the care home had previously been shut down for complaints but had been allowed to reopen.

Perez said that neither the Colombian Institute of Family Well-Being (ICBF) nor the local government had given them support or resources to help the displaced children that came to the home.

The case is ongoing and the children who were in the home are now in the care of the ICBF.

Posted Date : May 9, 2018
Ref : Mirror

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