Sophie Attwood used to put a full face of make-up on every time she popped to the gym, but now things are very different

Sophie Attwood has refused to leave the house without a full face of make-up since she was 14.

When she stayed over at friends or ex-boyfriend’s houses she even slept in it so nobody ever saw her natural look.

But when it came to her wedding day and honeymoon the 26-year-old decided enough was enough.

So she decided to take drastic action to get her face ready for the big day - but without actually going under the knife for plastic surgery.

Instead, she spent £4,000 on non-cosmetic procedures, including a non-surgical nose job, lip remodelling, an eye lash lift and permanent make-up.

PR consultant Sophie, from Staffordshire, started her journey with a 15-minute £450 non-surgical nose job back in June.

The procedure involves injected the bridge of the note with hyaluronic acid filler to create a smooth, heightened nose.

She said: "Although everyone told me that my nose is just fine, I've always been unhappy with it.

"I think it’s a bit too wide and I really wish it wasn't so flat. It's been a bug bear for a number of years and I've found myself contouring it every day – regardless of whether I'm just nipping to the shops or going to the gym.

"It was a really, really subtle change but one that made a significant difference to me. The result looked completely natural but any ridges were completely smoothed out and, out of nowhere, a small button nose had been created."

Two weeks later, Sophie returned to the Elite Aesthetics clinic and had lip fillers which made them look plumper - a look she used to achieve with a lot of make-up.

To deal with the redness around her nose and chin, she started using ZO Skincare, a treatment which removes blemishes using different cleansers, oils and exfoliators.

Sophie also had a lift, volume and length enhancing treatment with LVL lashes and swapped her highlighter for a intensive serum which promises to stimulate microcirculation in your skin called Glow Boost from Bio Extracts.

For her final change decided to have her eyebrows permanently tattooed on.

In May she went to see Tracy Fensome, a permanent makeup specialist and paid £495 for the two-hour procedure.

She said: "Numbing cream was applied and the process began. It felt like I was being scratched by a cocktail stick. It wasn't painful but, by the end of the treatment, it was a little sore but bearable.

"My eyebrows were so light before that I had to draw them on all the time. Now I don't have to. This has probably been one of the treatments that has made the biggest difference visibly."

Sophie admits her decision to spend so much changing her looks is pretty extreme, but is over the moon with the results.

She said: "All of these treatments have made a huge difference to my self-esteem and confidence.

"Many people may think I'm crazy but I now feel so much happier in my own skin.

"My fiancé has said that he was happy with me before but he has said that he’s noticed a huge difference in my confidence when I get up in the morning.

"Because all of the treatments are non-surgical and I've researched the practitioners thoroughly, I'm not putting myself under as much risk, but it is vital to find a trusted practitioner when looking for treatments like these.

"Treatments such as a non-surgical rhinoplasty and lip augmentation are medical treatments and definitely aren't to be undertaken by a beautician.

"I’m sure that I will still wear some makeup for my wedding day, but I know that it won't be the first thing that I worry about when I wake up on that morning now."

Posted Date : July 20, 2018
Ref : Mirror

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