Most of us have now given in and bought a fan in a desperate bid to get through the heatwave.

They can make a huge difference and many of us now have them on the go from the moment we walk through the door.

But experts have advised people to turn off their fans today - because it's actually going to be TOO HOT.

Yep, that's actually a thing.

Using your fan today could terrifyingly actually make your room even hotter - if that's even possible.

According to the Government's heatwave plan, electric fans only work if it's less than 35C.

This is because when it gets that hot fans just blow hot air directly on people, which makes them even hotter rather than cooling them down.

Quoting research from the Cochrane Review, the plan states: "Use of fans at temperatures above 35C fans may not prevent heat related illness.

"Additionally fans can cause excess dehydration).

"The advice is to place the fan at a certain distance from people, not aiming it directly on the body and to have regular drinks.

"This is especially important in the case of sick people confined to bed."

Temperatures are set to continue rising and the Met Office forecast states Friday could be the hottest day ever recorded in the UK.

The all-time UK high is 38.5C which was set in August 2003.

The Met Office has issued a warning for people to stay inside, check their elderly neighbours are coping with the heat, and keep windows closed during the day.

In parts of the UK a 'level 3 heat health watch warning' has been issued and people are being urged to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm.

Level 4 means a national emergency has been declared and there may be a danger to life.

Posted Date : July 26, 2018
Ref : Mirror

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